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Green Dragons Hong Kong July 2019 -  Green Summer

Time for a green rest?

Yes, we know, not every paddler in Hong Kong has put their paddle to rest. For you brave endurers of the sub-tropical summer, go go go! Keep using your refillable water bottles and spreading the word of how possible it is to make Hong Kong's beaches and sea a little cleaner. For everybody else, just do the same wherever you are! In this light summer issue enjoy some additional ideas for your green summer.

Plastic Free July 

If you want to go global and you keep that juicy competitive drive, join 120 million individuals in saying no to single use plastic and peek into the Plastic Free July initiatives. One action x 120 million = a real difference! Look hereto find tips to reduce your plastic usage while shopping, sipping your drinks, working and going on holiday. 

Let's go clean the beach!

After the Dragonboat Festivals, with fewer teams training, we started noticing an increase of plastic left on the beaches.

For those who want to keep the good wave going, here is a list of upcoming beach clean-ups. Send us photos if you wish. We would love to publish them and know how Hong Kong shores are doing over the summer.

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