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Green Dragons Hong Kong August 2019 -  Return to Routine

An eventful summer!

We hope that everyone has managed to get some rest and stayed safe over the summer from disruption, the heat and our first category 8 typhoon of the season!!  Phew!  A lot has been going on!  

Welcome back to everyone who have returned to Hong Kong and are how back at school and work after hopefully, a break and some time with family and friends.

The good work continues

On 31st July, Hong Kong was visited by tropical storm Whipha, our first category 8 typhoon of the season. Typhoons are always a good reminder to us all just how much plastic enters our oceans.  

According to recent estimates, over eight million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year.

Green Tip of the Month: choose cans over plastic

Cans are worth their weight in gold!  Well almost!  If you are out and about, and have forgotten your reusable water bottle but are desperate for a drink, please choose a canned beverage over a plastic water bottle!

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