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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

After taking the dragon boat Pledge, many of the Hong Kong teams will be starting the race season. We hope that all teams and paddlers will continue their focus on reducing waste within our sport during race days.

We know logistics can be difficult, but please consider the following as you approach the festivals:

1) Understand whether the race organisers have supplied water fountains or water stations. Take along your own reusable bottle.

2) Proactively request not to receive Single Use Plastic bottled water at the event. We know where those bottles will end up!

3) Prepare your own food: we realise the festivals start early, but no excuses! We have 6 easy to make suggestions for tasty food here

4) Bring a cool bag and ice blocks to keep your food fresh for the whole day you may be under the sun.

5) Separate any organic or non recyclable waste you may have from plastic. Dispose of the plastic in any recycling bins provided or take it home to recycle.

6) Encourage other teams during the day to learn more about Green Dragons HK and visit us on Facebook and Instagram

7) Don't forget to have a great day!

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